Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life, known in Japan as Tomodachi Collection: New Life (Japanese: トモダチコレクション 新生活, Hepburn: Tomodachi Korekushon: Shin Seikatsu), is a social simulation video game developed by Nintendo SPD1 and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game follows the day-to-day interactions of Mii characters (referred to as "islanders") as they build friendships, solve problems, and converse with the player. Tomodachi Life is the sequel to the Japan-exclusive Nintendo DS title Tomodachi Collection.

I first played Tomodachi Life when I got my very first 3DS! Like, it was among the first games I got for the system and I feel in love. The ease of play, the different genres that I love all mashed into one, the silly nature of the game and its contents... I was destined to love this game :D! Simulation, dating, and management all in one. I love every aspect of this game, from creating/adding new tenants to my building, to seeing all the random and funny events that happen throughout the day, to feeding my island inhabitants their fav/hated foods just to see their reactions: I love everything about it.

It's so easy to just pick up and play too, and it really feels like there's endless fun to be had on the island! Let me show you mine :D!

Here is me and my partner! I made us first and thankfully we ended up getting married in game too! My paartner loves mage/wizard stuff so I just had to give them the outfit... And I really love pink things! We're a princess/mage couple <3!!!

This is our daughter in the game! Her name is Molly and I sent her to go out on adventures, but I keep forgetting to take my DS with me when I go out... If she comes across anyone via streetpass then she'll bring back goodies! I hope she can have some adventures soon... She just looks like my double!

And here is my mom and step dad! I like dressing my mom up in silly clothes that she'd never wear IRL because she's such a serious type of person, and as per usual, my step dad id hanging out with animals in game just as he does IRL!

The game is so slow paced (world time tied) and not only easy to pick up but also easy to get lost in! Sometimes I just spend hours hanging out with my islanders and helping them with their daily lives, seeing what sort of antics they get up to like a proud mother...

My island is called "Lospass" Island, and it's based off of "Flower, Sun, and Rain" which is one of my most favourite games ever! Also for the DS :D!!

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