hello ??/

home. do you know where that is? i think im a little lost...


hello, can you see me? hi. my name is enri. im communicating with you through pixels right now... isn't that kind of scary...? how each letter i type only has meaning through the correct lights activating on your screen, and i must trust that my thoughts are appropriately addressed. or something like that, im not used to using this technology...

although, i do admit that the cooling effect from wires and hard metal is comforting. soothing, even! you should try it one day. sneak inside the metal case, behind the glass of the monitor, and pancake yourself between the pixels.

to be honest with you, im not quite sure how i got here. i think i was... yes! i was trying to get home, do you know the way? it's not here, that's for sure...

oh, they're wiggling! are you...? no, i don't think so... still, isn't that interesting? i wonder whats got them acting up! well, anyway. id like to ask for help.

i need to get out of here, if possible. of the net, unburdened by cables. it's... well, you know how it is, im sure. but most of all, it isn't home. so... where's the exit sign? or, are you lost in here too? did you ever manage to find that comforting neon light?

do you want to? lets help each other.