shh... the baby is sleeping... <3


to my humble little page!!

Feel free to put whatever you'd like in this section! it automatically scrolls so... spam as much as you want! or as little... who am i to judge.

You can mess around with the grid layout and values if you want. i'm still learning them myself so. click here to see how i heavily edited this template for my own index!

I just wanted to make something really pink and really cute! hence the theme of this template. again, i always code these as if it's for an index but you can realistically use it for anything! like an about page or a shrine of some sorts. the possibilities are endless... it's up to you now!


(psst, put like a visitor counter or something here maybe?)


waow what could go here i wonder...

maybe a marquee... maybe even a button marque... or some fake adverts?